Legislation & Lobbying

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Lobby Days

Lobbying for NYSRTA’s legislative agenda takes place in two phases, at the local level and in Albany. CWZ members visit or contact in some fashion their local state legislators in March. In April or May, a small group of lobbyist from each zone travels to Albany to meet with key legislators when our bills are about to be acted upon by the Senate or Assembly.

Local volunteer CWZ lobbyists, who meet with their Senators and Assemblymen in their home offices, are sent a packet of information on our state organization’s legislative agenda. This information explains our bills that we are promoting. A copy of our Legislative Priorities listed in descending order of importance is included which is given to the legislators visited. A list of tips and strategies as to how they should present our agenda to their representatives is part of the information packet.

After local lobbyists meet with their legislators, they fill out a reaction form that includes how the Senators and Assemblymen responded in their meetings and send them to the chairs for Legislation. These reports are forwarded to the State Legislation Committee for evaluation and planning purposes.

If local lobbyists cannot meet face to face with their representatives, they should write, e-mail, or call them.

Any NYSRTA member who would like to take part in some way in our lobbying activities should contact your Legislature chairs



Find your representatives

Just go to the site and follow directions

New York State Governor http://www.ny.gov/governor/index.html

New York State Assembly http://assembly.state.ny.us/

New York State Senate http://www.senate.state.ny.us/


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