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Central Western Zone Membership Report May, 2015

Unit presidents will be receiving sample letters to send to district Superintendents requesting the names of this years retirees. It is to our advantage to get these names before school lets out for the summer. Please let us know who is contacting the district (president or membership chair). Please send the completed list to us as soon as possible.

Our membership chair lists may be outdated. Would you please send their names and e-mail addresses to us or let us know if it is vacant.

Please continue to send us invitations to your meetings. We enjoy seeing you and the presentations are always enjoyable. We will try to get to your meetings at least once a year.

We would be interested to hear from the units who requested grant money from Albany for a membership recruitment event. What did you do and was it successful? Would you encourage other units to do the same?

Remember personal contact is the best way to increase and maintain membership.

Thank you for all the work and help you do for our organization. We appreciate your efforts.

Mary Prince-Walter

Kitty Braddon