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Central Western Zone membership report. March 2016

Debbie Barnes is doing a program to show retirees names, school district and county and will be sending that out when is is completed.  She did a review of retirees for 2014-2015 showing there were 9181 retirees in the state.  Only 70 (.007%) joined NYSRTA.

We have been contacted by Sal Sedita, membership Vice President about a number of issues that Angelo Grande NYSRTA president is concerned about.  He has sent out a memo that there is a need for every zone to attend NYSTRS workshops.  Representatives should be attending to make retirees aware do NYSRTA. A report from each zone should include:
1. Whether or not anyone is attending these workshops
2. Who has been attending
3. What dates
4. What feedback was there and what was accomplished

We have also been asked for a report each month from membership to include:
1. What efforts zone and units are making to increase membership
2. How many members in the zone are NYSRTA members
3. How many unit members are not state members

There are teleconferences scheduled and anyone interested is invited to participate.  There is one on Marketing either April 11 or 18. There was one on membership on 3/7.  Unfortunately neither of us were able to participate.

We asked for volunteers to take over membership at our last meeting and have had no one offer to take the position.  As much as we enjoy working with all of you we are not able to do this job to any satisfaction.  Kitty is no longer a resident of NY and Mary has too many family obligations to do what is needed.  The needs of the zone are not going to be met unless the position is taken over.

Respectively Submitted,

Kitty Braddon
Mary Prince-Walter
Membership co-chairs