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Wayne County Retired Teachers Association   Minutes from   June 3, 2014     at    Donselaar’s Bowling Center Party Room              

 The meeting was called to order at 10:17AM by President Julie Wunder followed by the Pledge to the flag and a moment of silence for departed friends.  Vice-President Sue Nellany then read the Thought for the Day- “Take a Sick Day for the Soul”.  Sue also gave a short tribute to Maya Angelou due to her recent passing.

Julie introduced the officers and recognized the past presidents of WCRTA that were present: Carol Ramsey, John Hogan, Jay Ramsey, Ellen Barnes, Tim Quill (current CWZ President) and Kathy Grandjean.

Wayne Central once again had the highest number of retirees in attendance.

Secretary’s Report:  Minutes from the October 22, 2013 meeting were included with the reservation forms, posted on the website and copies were available at each table.  Bill Lesniak moved, seconded by Judy Jansen to accept the minutes as written. Motion passed.

 Treasurer’s Report:  Sharon White   (Sharon was not present, her report was read by Sharon Maher)   Balance as of April 30, 2014 was given. Checking: $2803.51; Savings: $811.07; CDs: given.         Discussion:  There was a question as to how the money in the treasury is spent.  The response was that the full account is given at the annual meeting in the Fall.    Lois Ludwig moved, seconded by Gene Bavis to accept the report as submitted.  Motion passed.

Membership Report:  Sharon White/Kebby Clute   Neither Sharon nor Kebby were present.

Friendly Service Report:  Linda VanderBrook   Linda said that she needed to have all Friendly Service Reports by July 5th.

Health Care:  Sharon Maher    Sharon distributed a handout to members entitled “Health leads to Happiness” and also gave members toilet tank leak detector tablets.

 Community Service Report:  Elaine Leasure    Elaine placed surveys at the tables for members to fill out regarding their volunteer activities.  She is collecting throws for the Wayne County Nursing Home.  Elaine also reported that the State Chairperson asked about doing something for Yates County.  Tim Quill (CWZ President) said that Orleans County passed a hat and collected over $200 and that CWZ sent a donation.  Sharon Maher made a motion, seconded by Tim Quill that $250.00 be sent to the Yates County President (RTA) for flood relief.

Federal/State Legislation:  Bill Lesniak    Bill stated that there are 4 areas being addressed at the State level:  1. minimum pension bump-up prior to June of 1980   2. pharmaceutical reimbursement – the issue is with mandatory mail order prescriptions for 3 months   3. elder abuse – they want to expand definition of a caregiver    4. Tier I reinstatement – Bill said that it is not a dead issue.            Other items of interest:   1. Common Core – no bill to support it at this time       2. Gap Elimination Adjustment – this is the measure to equalize school funding – it is still in place and the opinion is that it needs to be removed

Federal Issues – Bill stated that there is an upcoming conference call to discuss issues.     Bill is also looking for people who are willing to join him in meeting with some of our government officials about retirement issues.


Historian Report:  Rita Lesniak    Rita thanked everyone for all the information that they have given her.  She reminded members to watch for any articles about retired teachers and send them to her.


Resolutions:     After many years of dedicated service, Jay & Carol Ramsey have resigned as Chairpersons so someone new is needed to chair the committee.

Election of Officers:   2014-2015 Officer Candidates:

President – Sue Nellany

Vice-President – Bill Lesniak

Secretary – Janet Murnane

Treasurer – Sharon White

Tim Quill moved, seconded by Kathy Contino to cast 1 ballot for the slate of officers.  Motion passed.

CWZ President:  Tim Quill       Tim thanked Julie Wunder, Sue Nellany, Bill Lesniak and John Hogan for their work for the organization.  He then gave an overview of CWZ and the importance of joining the State Organization.  He shared that NYSRTA had reversed its decision not to have lifetime membership.  He reminded everyone that the State Convention would be held at Turning Stone from October 7th to the 9th.  The convention has been shortened this year saving the organization thousands of dollars.  The annual meeting & luncheon for Central Western Zone will be held at the Avon Inn on Thursday, September 18th.  He then discussed the CWZ President’s Appeal – letters were on the table.  It was very successful last year and hopefully will be again.  Tim also brought brochures from the museum in Auburn.

Bill Lesniak reminded members about the CWZ website and how to get to the Wayne County portion.

The business meeting adjourned at 11:00 AM.

Sue Nellany introduced Gene Bavis who presented a wonderful program on murals.

Bill Lesniak offered the blessing followed by a buffet lunch at 12:00.

Lake Effect Community Chorale performed after lunch.

A raffle was held for various items donated by members.

Thank you:    Don Hunt for his music, Bill Lesniak for the blessing, Williamson for the festive table decorations.

Recording Secretary – Janet Murnane


We are saddened by the passing of our recording secretary, Janet Murnane.  Janet passed away on August 6, 2014 after a short illness.  Janet was always willing to help out when needed. Her kindness and thoughtful ways will be missed.


Next meeting –     September 30, 2014         Palmyra VFW


Upcoming Events:

Thursday Sept. 18th – CWZ Annual Meeting

Tuesday Sept. 30th – WCRTA Fall Luncheon**

October 7th-9th – NYSRTA’s Annual Convention