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Resolutions Committee report.
We have a new chair and she is not up to speed yet.
She hopes to have the timeline etc. out soon and
I will have it at the May meeting.
John Roy Zone chair  Resolutions committee.
John Roy

ADDED 3/3/2016

TO:  Zone Resolution Chairs and Zone Presidents

FROM:  Gayla LePage, State Resolution Chair

DATE:  February 22, 2016

RE:  Information of Resolutions

I am contacting you to remind you about submitting resolutions for the year 2016 that will be presented at the annual meeting this fall.  I am hoping to receive one from each zone.  People tell me this is little optimistic, but I still would like it.  There are many important issues out there.  I hope some are dear to your heart, and you will write a resolution.



All proposed resolutions must be submitted to the State Chair of the Resolutions Committee “thirty (30) days before the July Executive Committee Meeting”.  The date of that meeting is July 11, 2016.  Thirty days prior to that date is Saturday, June 11, 2016, provides for a full thirty days between the due date and the date of the State Executive Committee meeting.


When submitting proposals, please adhere to all of the guidelines that are clearly spelled out on pp. 78-80 of the Leader’s Manual.  Each proposal should be on a separate page with the proper attestation and signed and dated by the zone president at the top.  Each proposal should specify which NYSRTA objective(s) is being addressed in the proposal.  These are found in Article II of the Bylaws.  A signed hard must be sent to me (189 County Route 16, North Bangor, NY 12966) along with an electronically transmitted copy to


Zones considering the submission of a proposed resolution should:


  1.  Examine, in depth, whether the intent (purpose, aim, action required, or the like) is clearly an expression of one or more to the Article II of the By-Laws.  Is the intent something that should be expressed as a resolution, something that requires a By-Law change, something that necessitates action by the STATE Executive Committee, or a change by another committee  or agency?
  2.  Research thoroughly the proposed resolutions.
  3.  Make certain the “Whereas” statements and the “Resolved” are clearly stated.  This is extremely important as the Legislative Action Committee will return to us or table the unclear proposed resolutions.
  4.  Submit the proposed resolutions as early as your zone’s schedule permits, allowing time for review by the Zones’ Resolution Chairs as well as by appropriate NYSRTA committees.
  5.  Submit up to but no more than three (3) resolutions for consideration in a given year.