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Legislation Report for  3/9/2017

State legislation committee had phone conference January 10, 2017. I missed out due to weather.


Federal Priorities were discussed, and the three main concerns were:


  1. Social Security: Mary is contacting Senator Sanchez’s office to see if Bill HR5952 will be reintroduced for 2017.


  1. Observation vs. Inpatient: This issue has effected so many. Jan Mullins is sending over some information for the Association to email blast to the members.


  1. Prescription Drug Negotiation for Medicare: There are two new bills: S41 Klobuchar & HR242 Welch

These bills are still in development and Mary is watching the closely.


State Priorities:

  1. Minimum Pension Bump Up

Jan Mullins spoke to both Senator Tedisco’s and Assemblyman Abbate’s office and they are both willing to sponsor this bill for the 2017Legislative Session.


  1. COLA:

“Our COLA legislation will remain on the priority card. It will read NYSRTA is still interested in making improvements to COLA legislation and include the bill number.


  1. Ethics Reform through Constitution Amendment:

There will be a proposition on the Nov. Ballot in regard to penalty if convicted and loss of retirement.


  1. Educating member on the Constitutional Convention:

Should start at the Unit level. Dave Keefe has offered to attend Unit meetings and speak on the topic. He is getting booked up quickly, please ask your units to consider asking him to give a brief educational lecture. This will be discussed further at the March Meeting. Jan asked that each Chair come up with 4 or more sentences regarding out stance on the convention. We can add it to our State agenda.


Discussed: Emergency Resolution:

It was suggested that the Certification Registration will eventually turn into a money maker for the state just like other certified professions.



Committee Meeting scheduled for March 26-27 in Syracuse. This will finalize our Priorities and plan legislative actions.


Don’t forget if you know any retirees that wish to continue to sub they must register on line. For those holding PERMANENT, PROFESSIONAL, and TEACHING ASSISTANT Certificates.  On state website:  https://nysrta.org/important-update-teaching-certification-registration-holding-permanent-professional-teaching-assistant-certificates/