Wayne Co. June 4,2013 Minutes

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Wayne County Retired Teachers Association                      Newark American Legion                           June 4, 2013

 The meeting was called to order at 10:15AM by President Julie Wunder followed by the Pledge to the flag and a moment of silence for departed friends.  Vice-President Sue Nellany then read the Thought for the Day which focused on the importance of having dreams. 

Julie introduced the officers and recognized the past presidents of WCRTA that were present:  Carol Ramsey, John Hogan, Jay Ramsey, Ellen Barnes, Kathy Grandjean and Tim Quill who is also the current president of CWZ.  She also welcomed Senior members present and thanked Marion for the lovely garden flowers on each table.

 Secretary’s Report:

 Minutes from the October 2, 2012 meeting had been included in the last mailing and copies were distributed.  There were no additions or corrections.   The minutes were filed.

 Treasurer’s Report:  Sharon White

Balance as of June 30, 2012 was $5175.83 Checking; $810.75 Savings; $1276.25 CDs; $3037.81 DMA.

There were no additions or corrections.  The treasurer’s report was filed.

 Membership Report:  Sharon White/Kebby Clute

Sharon reported that in 2011 our unit had 221 paid members, in 2012 there were 265 and so far in 2013, 54 members had paid.

 Friendly Service Report:  Irene Bierer

Irene has resigned as the Chairperson & is still looking for a replacement.  She also said that a Friendly Service Rep is needed for Palmyra-Macedon.

 Health Care:  Sharon Maher

Sharon had handouts on the tables as well as envelopes for members containing materials for the “Yellow Dot” program from the Sheriff’s Office.  These are to be put in your car so that first responders have access to your information in case of an accident.

 Community Service Report:  Elaine Leasure

Elaine pointed out how many members are doing Community Service on a regular basis.  She did ask members to bring new or gently used children’s books to the Fall Meeting and they will be taken to Literacy Volunteers of Wayne County.

 Federal/State Legislation:  Bill Lesniak

Several issues were being discussed:  *warning to watch out for the many new health insurance scams (fake coverage, stripped down plans – mainly targeting seniors)  *possibility of increasing interest rates on student loans  *concerns about assessments of students based on standards that haven’t been implemented yet  *teacher evaluations based on their students’ results

 Historian Report:  Rita Lesniak

Rita thanked everyone for all the information that they have given her and reminded people to take time to look at the scrap book.  She also asked that people watch their newspapers for any articles about retired teachers and send them to her.

 Resolutions Report:  Jay & Carol Ramsey

Wayne County has not put forth any resolutions in the last 3 years.  If anyone has a suggestion, the resolutions must be in by December for next year.

 Election of Officers

There were no nominations from the floor.  The nominees were:  President:  Julie Wunder; Vice-President:  Sue Nellany; Treasurer:  Sharon White and Secretary:  Janet Murnane.

Bill Lesniak moved that one ballot be cast for the slate of officers, seconded by Linda VanderBrook.  The motion passed.

 Bylaw Changes – Bylaw Committee (Julie Wunder, Bill Lesniak, Kathy Grandjean)

The proposed bylaw changes were mailed to members and copies were available at the tables.  The committee explained that most of the changes were mainly minor changes due to the changing configuration of committees, etc.   The major change being considered was the option of paying Lifetime dues, which would be 15 times the annual dues. 

Sharon White made a motion, seconded by Sharon Maher, to withdraw Line 100 and separate it out from the other bylaws to discuss.  Some discussion took place on the actual change to lifetime dues.  Members were reminded that we were only discussing the separation of that section from the vote on the bylaw changes.  Motion was passed.

 There was some discussion about the term “ex officio” (line 63).  It was decided that it was unnecessary and should be removed.  Motion to accept the remainder of the bylaw changes made by Tim Quill, seconded by Sharon Maher.  Motion passed.

 The committee then discussed their rationale for the proposal to add lifetime dues.  It was originally suggested by a member at the fall meeting.  It was felt that if newer members paid the lifetime dues, they might come more often.  Also, many members only pay their dues when they are coming to a meeting/luncheon.  If lifetime dues were paid, then the treasury would have that money whether they attended or not.  Sharon White, treasurer, said that she has no problem with members paying ahead on their dues and felt that lifetime dues could lead to revenue issues in the future. 

Sharon White moved, seconded by Tim Quill, that we not include the lifetime membership in the by-laws.  Motion was passed.  The vote was taken with a show of hands.

 CWZ President:  Tim Quill

Tim spoke about the Campaign 2013 Appeal circular from CWZ which was on the tables.  He spoke about the fact that NYSRTA is having budget issues due to the lifetime membership which has been available when joining.  CWZ decided to ask members for a donation to boost the treasury.  So far it has proven to be successful.  More help is needed at the CWZ level.  Several openings on the executive board have not been filled.  People who had been in those positions for many years have stepped down, but no one is coming forward to fill their positions.


Sue Nellany introduced the speaker, Dennis Bielewicz, author of “Heroes in the Attic:  The Untold Story of Two Civil War Soldiers”

The program was informative and thoroughly enjoyed by those present.  Dennis was available after the program to sell and sign his book. 

 Bill Lesniak offered the blessing followed by lunch at 12:15.  Buffet lunch was prepared and served by Burnham’s.

During lunch, Brandon Swain, from the American Cancer Society, spoke about the Relays for Life that take place in Wayne County and for a donation, luminary bags were available for members to decorate in memory of friends or loved ones for a donation.

 Meeting adjourned at 1:25PM

 Thank you:

Don Hunt for the wonderful music that he continues to share with us.

Bill Lesniak for the blessing.

Marion for the fall table decorations.  

 Recording Secretary – Janet Murnane


Next meeting –     October 22 at the Williamson Town Park Lodge