Historian&PR rpt11/13/14

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November 2014-Historian Report-Phyllis

Kudos and a round of applause to the 5 out of 10 Counties that contributed to CWZ scrapbook for the NYSRTA Convention.  I will bring it to our meeting for display.  Livingston County was well thought out and very colorful.  Seneca County had wonderful pictures and was very interesting.  Steuben County’s was creative and unique.  Wyoming County had a neat layout and was very noteworthy.  Yates County’s was very informative and memorable.  Thank you Historians!!  To quote Carol Lord, NYSRTA Historian, “We need to preserve our history” and this scrapbook is one way we can do that.

My apology to Susan Moses, Livingston’s Historian, and Connie Castelluzzo, Yates’ Historian, for omitting your names in the CWZ Link Letter.  I will always accept late pages to add to our CWZ 2014 Scrapbook.  Also, keep in mind for next year to take and save pictures, newspaper articles, obituaries, county newsletters and invitations or programs for meetings  Some of the other topics in the CWZ Scrapbook are In Memory, CWZ Officers, CWZ Annual Luncheon, CWZ Link Letter, Active Educator Award,

Epke-Meagher Award and NYSRTA Convention.




November 2014-Public Relations Report-Phyllis Dunlap

Publicity and York State

I was not at the August meeting but I did get an article in the Finger Lakes Times about the Active Educator Award with a Convention picture of the CWZ Blue Birds.  The next deadline for the Winter Issue of York State will be November 14th.  However, because they didn’t choose our Fall article, due to lack of space, they will put it in the Winter Issue.  We will not have another one due until January 2015.  I would like Wyoming, Yates and Seneca to submit articles for this Spring Issue!  I will let you know the exact date (Early January).  I apologize that our Spring article was not published because it was due on a Sunday and we sent it on Monday A.M.  Oops!  Too late!