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Presidents’ Report for August 4, 2016 CWZ Executive Meeting

Spring 2016 County Meetings have been attended and greatly enjoyed. We look forward to visiting again in the fall.

April 26th Orleans – Jane and Carl                May 5th Livingston –  Jane and Sandy

May 11th Steuben – Jane and Sandy                          May 19th Wyoming – Sandy

May 19th Seneca – Jane                                                May 26th – Ontario – Jane and Sandy

June 1st – Monroe -Sandy                                            June 6th Yates – Jane and Sandy

June 7th Wayne – Jane and Sandy

2017 Meetings: Try not to schedule a meeting on a date already chosen by another county.

(September 6, 2017 – Wyoming County Any other 2017 dates?)


NYSRTA Executive Meeting July 11-12 in Utica:

July 11, 2016 Presidents Meeting Zone Presidents discussed their year so far sharing successes and challenges with each presenting a written report for the meeting.

Vendors at convention will be required to pay 8.75% of their sales to the Oneida Nation. For this reason Kathi Bassett has stated that there will be vendors during registration but it is doubtful they will be like last year. The office has red printed bags with an apple for sale prior to the convention for $3.00. If a zone wants to pre-order and pay for these your registration materials will be placed in them. They will not be for sale at the convention as planned.

Membership proposal to return a percentage of $ to zones based on membership.  (This proposal was shared with our CWZ Executive Board prior to this meeting.) This proposal was briefly discussed by the zone presidents, but it was not brought to the Executive Meeting the following day due to many factors such as: some zones do not have units; it would be an auditing nightmare for the office; and there would be no real way to determine how many potential members there are in each zone. Thanks for responding prior to our attending this meeting.

July 12, 2016 Executive Meeting (Minutes will be forwarded when they become available.)

Treasurer’s Report (following a Finance Meeting on July 11, 2016)

The 2016 Revised Budget and the 2017 Projected Budget were accepted.


President’s Report – Angelo Grande

  • A letter from NYSUT was received that was quite concerning to NYSRTA. It contains false information and gives our organization a very bad name. Angelo will follow up with the intent of this letter and write a response as well.
  • 2017 Constitutional Convention: Angelo continues to work with other groups to defeat this vote next year.
  • President’s Appeal is showing encouraging returns and will help the overall budget. Hopefully, donations will continue to come in.
  • Printing two, rather than four, issues of YORK STATE have given the organization a considerable savings.
  • A Membership Chair is needed for 2017. Membership continues to be a major issue in both recruiting new members and retaining current members.


Bylaws Revisions There are four Bylaws revisions to discuss prior to the convention. These have been sent to the CWZ Executive Board in two separate emails.


Resolutions There are four Resolutions to discuss before the convention. These will be sent to the CWZ Board, by email, when they become available.


Legislation Minimum Pension Bump Up passed in the Senate, but not in the Assembly. It will be brought up again in 2017. It was also reported that many legislators have verbally stated they are against the Constitutional Convention.


Public Relations – Linda Crosby has been researching the NYSRTA Hudson Kramer Grant. This will be given by the Central Western Zone, and other zones, in 2017. She hopes to have a packet of general information available at the convention for zones to use. Each zone may “customize” their application as they see fit. In preparation, zones should have a list of schools ready to send the applications to early in the school year, after the convention.


 Convention Supplies on hand at the office include: tickets for the basket raffle,  cans to place in front of baskets, vests to be worn by greeters. Jane has 50/50 tickets.


Convention Needs:

  • Pictures for the booklet are being requested and accepted by the end of July to preview at the August Meeting.
  • Those wishing to be delegates should let Jane and Sandy know ASAP. We have 24 slots; however three of those are reserved for Judie Byndas-Past NYSRTA President, Carol Lord-NYSRTA Historian, and CWZ President. Therefore, we have 21 slots to fill.
  • Signup sheet for convention jobs will be available at the August CWZ Meeting.


CWZ Membership Chair is still needed. Please consider filling this position ASAP.


CWZ Annual Meeting – each county is to supply a basket at this meeting. September 8, 2016, at the Notre Dame Retreat House in Canandaigua, same place as in 2015.