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Web-Site Report for May 2015

The website had a major update in April.  All changes that were in the new directory were put on the website.   A request went out to all emails listed in the directory and on the website, asking to look over the info for their position and county and respond back to me.  88 request were sent, at least 7 were immediately kick back as being incorrect and not deliverable.  42 have responded and many with corrections, not only to their information but to questions that may have needed correcting elsewhere on the website.  I do thank all those that took the time to get back to me.

I did not get a response form 39, they may have new emails, not checking email, it might have gone to spam, or just sitting out in cyber-space yet waiting to be delivered, hopefully the email we have is correct.


If anyone has a list of past president of CWZ, I would like to put that on our website. If you know of a few and the years they served, email me that info and I’ll start compiling a list.


Several counties have mailed me their Spring Luncheon/Meeting information along with their newsletter and that was then put up on the website under their county and reservation forms on the calendar date.


Keep checking the site and notify me of any changes or correction that need to be made and let your members know of the site.


Bill Lesniak,

CWZ webmaster