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Friendly Service Unit Chairpersons: Alleghany—Doris MacFarquhar, Marjorie Lehman; Livingston—Elizabeth Grant, Pat Muscarela; Monroe—Norma Clement, Ann Wendl; Ontario—Laura Jones; Orleans—Eileen Werethrich; Steuben—Barb Watson; Wayne—Linda VanderBrook; Seneca—Lynn Patti; Wyoming—Lucy Ely; Yates—Carol Yates. These ladies are the “go to” people for their county’s Friendly Service activities. If you hear of a need, please let them know so that they can inform a FS worker. Some of our units are geographically large and it’s impossible to know the needs of every retired teacher. Thanks for helping!

Cards were sent to Judie Byndas, cataract surgeries, and Lisa Dolen, shoulder surgery. Notice of death was sent to Latham office and Kitty regarding Mary Elaine McNeil of Nichols and formerly Penn Yan who passed away on December 30, 2013. Checkbook balance: $724.09.

Worthy of taking note: I have a very good working relationship w/the present Vice President for Friendly Service, Mary Ella Moeller, who is on top of things throughout the state, letting the Latham office know of our concerns (late Christmas card list, for example) and seeking our input via conference calls and the annual meeting before convention.

Worthy quotes to put into action:

“There’s a destiny that makes us brothers, none goes his way alone. All that we send into the lives of others, comes back into our own.”

By Joycelyn Jennings in 2004 newsletter

“Attitudes are contagious; is yours worth saving?”

By Imogene McKendrick in a memo

Stay well and happy; you’re important to your family, friends and Central Western Zone!

Barb Rosecrans, Friendly Service, CWZ