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 The CWZ meeting on September 24, 2015, was at a great location, I feel.  It was convenient for most, had excellent food at an affordable price and the facilities more than met our needs.  Let’s return there!

Cards have been sent as follows:  get well or TOY:  Richard Kennedy,  Jane Buell, Doris Whitney; sympathy:  Frank Berger (wife), Phyllis Dunlap (husband), Sandy Kushner (brother).

New Friendly Service unit chairs?  Please let me know ASAP.  Thanks to all those who helped us this year and for many past years.  You are the best! Another worker, who is retiring from her State VP for FS position, Mary Ella Moeller, has done an excellent job, in my opinion, for the last three years. It appears that Harriett Beers will capably be taking over that position if elected at convention. The FS zone chairs including CWZ’s will meet at 4 p.m. on October 27, 2015, at convention. A report on this will be given when CWZ Executive Board meets on November 12.

Checkbook balance:  $779.00.  $182.41 for two restaurant gift cards and thank you cards for Judie Byndas, retiring as NYSRTA President, and Tim Quill, finishing as CWZ President, was paid out of FS funds this time. Also, $400 state and zone match was received and deposited.  Only Livingston County requested reimbursement ($70.15) for FS expenses this year.  All of the above are reflected in the new balance.

Happy holidays to you and yours. Stay healthy!

 Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Rosecrans, Friendly Service Chairperson, CWZ