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May 7, 2015

Friendly Service Unit Chairpersons:  The “not so good news” is that long-time Friendly Service chairperson for Yates County, Carol Hall, has found it necessary to resign from her duties due to health issues.  Carol has done a wonderful job doing all that was Friendly Service for Yates for years and we thank her and wish her well. The “good news” is that former co-presidents, Elaine Gleason and Lyn Fitch, have agreed to take over the Friendly Service duties.  Thank you, ladies; I look forward to working with you.

Checkbook balance:  $661.67

Looking ahead:   In early May, Friendly Service unit chairpersons will receive the end of year paperwork which leads to our annual report for convention. Thank you for all that is done in your units..some of which is reflected in the reports and all of which is held in members’ hearts. You continue to make a difference and it is appreciated.

Respectfully submitted,

Barb Rosecrans, Chairperson, FS for CWZ