Epke-Meagher Award Rpt2014

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Epke-Meagher Award

The Epke-Meagher Awards were given out at the CWZ Annual Meeting , September 18th. This year we gave awards for both the years 2013 and 2014. We received 8 applications. With the help of Joan Irwin, we picked 3 winners for 2013 and 3 winners for 2014. These 6 people showed great achievement both in their respective schools AND in their community. The winners were:

2013   1. Carol Quill – Wayne County

  1. Pat Atkinson – Yates County
  2. Jane Eliasz – Wyoming County

2014   1. Julee Acomb – Steuben County

  1. Margaret Patterson – Yates County
  2. Mary Biggee – Steuben County

We have a new application form that is on the website. We also handed out or mailed the forms to county Presidents. We would like to see more applications next year. We certainly enjoyed reading about all the amazing activities in which our colleagues were involved. Thanks for helping us acknowledge these people.

Jane Behnk and Sandy Kushner, Chairpersons