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Who is Friendly Service:  We have a new State Vice President for Friendly Service, Harriet Beers, who is interested in seeing us meet the various needs of the retirees in our zone.  We have 13 unit (county) chairpersons in our ten counties to head up this task. They act as liaison between the 37 keyworkers and me (CWZone FS chair).  We thank the following unit chairpersons: Doris MacFarquhar and Marge Lehman (Allegany), Elizabeth Grant and Pat Muscarella (Livingston), Norma Clement and Ronald Hofman (Monroe), Laura Janas (Ontario). Eileen Wuethrich (Orleans), Barb Watson (Steuben), Linda VanderBrook (Wayne), Lynn Patti (Seneca), Karen Ritenour (Wyoming), and Elaine Gleason (Yates).

What has been accomplished:  Interesting facts are:  there was one request for financial assistance (and more importantly a DeCormier Grant was given to someone in our zone)!  There were 58 visits made and 45 telephone calls conducted.  No surprise, there were 102 e-mails sent.  Most notably, 1162 cards were sent for birthday, Christmas, get well and sympathy. Great job there!  $1795.95 was spent in CWZ for all our Friendly Service activities with some key workers using their own funds to buy or make cards. Thank you, all.

What is next:  Our work is never done as there are always people who like to be remembered at their time of need. Some are struggling and need to be encouraged to request financial assistance. Maybe you have time to join your unit’s Friendly Service committee.  It would be very much appreciated as some folks have done it for years and deserve a break.

Checkbook balance:  $ 312.22.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Rosecrans, Chairperson