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Central Western Zone  Of the

New York State Retired Teachers Association

Annual Meeting   Thursday, September 18, 2014

Zone President Tim Quill called the 63sh Annual Meeting of the Central Western Zone to order at 10 a.m.  He led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Jane Behnk gave the invocation with a moment  of silence for deceased CWZ and unit members.   He recognized NYSRTA President Judie Byndas and Past Co-Presidents Carol Lord and John Hogan.  He introduced CWZ Officers and Executive Committee.

SECRETARY’S MINUTES:  Motion to accept the minutes of Annual Meeting 2013 made by Carol     Ramsey and seconded by Dolores Hofmann was carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  The report showed a checkbook balance of $26,828.99 as of June 30, 2014 the report was filed for audit. The President’s Appeal brought in $7,605. Treasurer Betty Pilato announced that the Zones financial books had been audited by Jane Crosby, Carol Lord and John Hogan.  Treasurer Betty Pilato presented the budgets for 2014-15 and 2015-16.

A motion to accept the budgets presented was made by Elaine, seconded by Kebby Klute was carried.

PRESIDENTS’ REPORT:  President Quill thanked all those that contributed to the President’s fund Raiser.  He recognized the Unit Presidents.  His written report is in the program.

**Committee reports are contained within the Annual Meeting Program—can be read at your leisure.

NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE:  Chair Julie Wunder presented the slate of officers for 2014-2015:        President—Tim Quill, Co-Vice Presidents Sandy Kushner and Jane Behnk, Recording Secretary- Jane Crosby, Corresponding Secretary-Patricia Dick, and Treasurer-Betty Pilato.  A motion for the Secretary to cast one ballot was made by Bill Lesniak, seconded by Carol Ramsey was carried.

MEMBERSHIP:   Co-Chairs Kitty Braddon and Mary Prince Walter Report in program.

BYLAWS: No chair at present.

HEALTH CARE:  No chair at present.

STATE and FEDERAL LEGISLATION:  Chair Bill Lesniak   Report in program.

FUNDRAISING/PRESIDENT”S APPEAL:  From the results it shows members of CWZ are aware of the work of the zone and are willing to support that work.  The amount raised is listed in the program.

RESOLUTIONS:  Chair John Roy Report in program.

COMMUNITY SERVICE:  Chair Elaine Leasure requested unit community service chairs report       projects to her after fall meetings.  Zone Community Services will be meeting at the NYSRTA Convention.  Elaine explained First Book and its impact on books being placed with students. Containers were placed on tables for contributions to First Book.  Report in program.

FRIENDLY SERVICE:  Chair Barb Rosecrans stated a workshop devoted to Friendly Service was being held Tuesday, October 7 4-5 p.m. at the NYSRTA Convention.  Report in program.

PUBLIC RELATIONS:  Chair Phyllis Dunlap   Report in program.

HISTORIAN:  Phyllis Dunlap Report in program.

WEBSITE:  Webmaster Bill Lesniak stated had been some problems with the website but thought they were now all ironed out.  Please keep him informed of changes.

BARRIE FLEEGEL ACTIVE EDUCATOR AWARDS/SPLIT CLUB—Ann Czajkowski and Mariann Holcomb.  There were 12 recipients from 8 counties.  Names and amount of awards listed in the program.

EPKE-MEAGHER AWARDS –Co-Vice Presidents Sandy Kushner and Jane Behnk.   Three awards were given for 2013—Wayne County-Carol Quill-North Rose Wolcott, Yates County-Pat Atkinson-PennYan, and Wyoming County-Jane Eliasz- Letchworth.  Three awards were given for 2014— Steuben County-Mary Biggee-Wayland-Cohocton, Yates County-Peg Patterson-Penn Yan and Steuben County-Julee Acomb-Wayland-Cohocton.

RECOGNITION of UNIT MEMBERS—The following outstanding unit members were recognized for their service to their units—Monroe County—Sheila Harp and Betty Weber Worden; Ontario County—David Bush and Mary Reich; Seneca County—Harry Schwartz; Steuben County—John Roy; Wayne County- William Lesniak and Kathy Grandjean; Wyoming County Jeannie Flynn.

CENTRAL WESTERN ZONE AWARDS:  The following people were recognized for their service to the  zone:   Al and Joan Buell,  Doris Whitney (Honorary Executive Board Member) and Carol and Jay Ramsey.

Meeting adjourned at 11: 10 a.m.

Respectively submitted

Jane Crosby, Recording Secretary