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                                                    Minutes of CWZ Executive Committee Meeting

                                                     Thursday, November 10, 2016   Legacy, Victor


 Meeting called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Co-President Jane Behnk.  Carol Lord led the Pledge of Allegiance

 to the Flag.  She asked for a moment of silence in honor of our service men and women especially her two grandchildren.  Introductions were made as new unit presidents were present.


Secretary’s Minutes     Copy attached.  Minutes with a correction of Joan Irwin’s position—Epke-Meagher

Award Chair were accepted after a motion made by John Roy and seconded by Dolores Hofmann. Motion

was carried.


Treasurer’s Report—Betty Pilato   Copy attached.  Report filed for review.  A motion was made to amend

the budget for 2017 changing the amount allotted to Website to $300 by Barb Rosecrans and seconded

by Georgia Thomas.  Motion passed.  Betty sending out statements to county units for payment of alternate

delegate and mailing permit.


Membership—Chair vacant.  Co-presidents requested executive committee seek persons for this position.


Legislation-Bill Lesniak   NYSRTA wants to get to the Legislature prior to state budget vote so as to present

our positions such as base pay upped for COLA and the bump up bill.  Question of these getting approved

due to expense and other retirees wishing the same thing.  Constitution Convention is big concern.


Website-  Bill Lesniak  Needs updates for meetings, etc. to be placed on website. Please send in pdf if possible.


Nominations-Julie Wunder absent. 


Friendly Service-Barbara Rosecrans— Report attached.   She congratulated Carol Lord on the article in FLTimes

featuring her accomplishments.  Over $100,000 in fund in state.


Community Service-Elaine Leasure absent —Report attached.  Acting for her Carol Lord collected the projects

being done by county units.


Health Care—Betty Weber-Worden-  Handed out materials to each county.  Counties need to report walking and other physical activities to her on Dec. 1, April 1, June 1. 


Newsletter—Request by Jane Crosby to send the President’s Appeal out June 1 due to members being away

until May.  Letter will be prepared so can label at May meeting but will be mailed June 1.


Bulk Maiing – Jane Crosby-  Asked if anyone had problems with the process.


Resolutions—John Roy.  Spoke about the effects on retired teachers of a Constitutional Convention.  How to

sell a no vote —one thing the cost of the convention.


Bylaws- Sharon White absent.


Barrie Fleegel Awards—No report.


Epke-Meagher Award—Joan Irwin.  No re


Historian- Phyllis Dunlap  Report attached.


Public Relations-Phyllis Dunlap  Report attached.


Fundraising—Betty Pilato, Treaurer.  Total this far for 2016–$6765.


Vice President  Report – Mary Ellen Morgan absent—- Annual Meeting set for September 28, 2017 at

Notre Dame Retreat House in Canandaigua.


Co-Presidents’ Report—Jane Behnk and Sandy Kushner—Under old business, a discussion about 2016

NYSRTA Convention was conducted.


New Business:  A motion was made to continue the President’s Campaign in 2017 by John Roy and

seconded by Dolores Hofmann.  The motion carried.

Units should send a copy of their executive committee to Jane and Sandy to update everyone, place

on website and to prepare a new directory.

Units should send meeting dates ASAP so co-presidents can put on their schedules and placement on

Website.  Also make sure co-presidents on the county units’ mailing list.



Meeting adjourned—11:15 a.m.  Carol Lord made motion to adjourn.


Respectfully submitted


Jane Crosby, Recording Secretary