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CWZ of NYSRTA     Minutes of March 6, 2014, Executive Board meeting @ Legacy, Victor, NY

Our first meeting of 2014 was called to order at 10 a.m. by President Timothy Quill who led the pledge to the flag and a moment of silence.  Attendees were:  Timothy Quill, Jay Ramsey, Carol Ramsey, Bill Lesniak, Kathy Grandjean, Lyn Fitch, Mary Ellen Morgan, Richard Kennedy, Gerry McGlynn, Carol Lord, Jane Behnk, John Hogan, Sandy Kushner, Barbara Rosecrans, Betty Pilato, Sheila Harp, Betty Weber-Worden, Sue Nellany, Joan Irwin, Sandy Garee and Phyllis Dunlap. We all introduced ourselves with our positions.  The secretary’s minutes of 11/7/13 have one correction:  “The next meeting at the end should read 2014.”  Approved as read.  The treasurer’s report was submitted with the note of incorrect billing for NYSRTA postage.  We’ll be getting $323.35 back.  No monies have been received from Allegany or Wyoming counties for bulk mail. Present balance in checking account:  $19,949.20.


Membership–See report

State Legislation–Bill Lesniak said that he and John Roy will attend the Utica Conference next week.  They are looking at the new agenda for this year.  They are going to suggest ONE PRIMARY DAY which the Senate now agrees with; the Assembly doesn’t.  An earlier primary day would save money and let the voters know who is running sooner than presently.

Nominations–No report

Friendly Service–Barb Rosecrans reported that in addition to her written report ALL FS reports (end of year and allotment) are now on the NYSRTA website.  Also, former Nominations Chairperson Bev Simons’ husband has passed.

Historian–See report.

Community Service–See report.

Resolutions–Carol and Jay Ramsey mentioned that the state committee is looking at a method of submitting proposals for resolutions.  June 14 is the submission deadline.  July 14–state resolutions’ committee meets.  CWZ needs a new resolutions’ chair!

By-Laws–No report.

Public Relations–See report.

Health Care–No report.

Fundraising–Tim Quill reported that we will work on labeling the brochures after this meeting.  It cost $480 to print them.

Awards–Jane Behnk and Sandy Kushner are working on the Epke-Meagher Awards which they hope will be presented for 2013 and 2014 at our Sept. 18, 2014 annual meeting.  These applications will be available at our May meeting.

Bulk mail–Jane Crosby has found that the Lyons Post Office seems to be the best for this change from the Geneseo PO.  It was mentioned that the SW counties may have difficulty in getting materials to Lyons.  Everything before May 1, 2014, goes to Geneseo; all after May 1, 2014, goes to Lyons. There has been a slight increase in price.

Web site–Bill Lesniak encourages us to check it as the lists from Tim are on this now.  Our address is CWZretiredteachers.org. Want your county information on the website?  Contact Bill.   Note that Doris Whitney’s new phone number is 585 243-6874.

Barrie Fleegal Award–Ann Czajkowski reports that the winners are:  Cindy Baker of Andover, Nancy Pilaroscia- Sigmund of Penfield, and Tm Quill of Auburn.

VICE PRESIDENTS’ REPORT–Jane Behnk and Sandy Kushner have booked the Avon Inn of Avon for our annual meeting on Sept. 18, 2014.  They have a program all planned for this meeting which will include raffle baskets (voluntary).  Carol Lord will get tickets for this. Both Jane and Sandy will attend the Utica meeting.

Newsletter preparation–Tim needs someone else to do it.

Executive Board meetings–Future dates are May 1, August 14, and November 13, 2014.


Delegate reimbursement for convention–No information on the possibility of a shorter convention.

Clothing–New blue shirts are available for $17. See Sue or Kathy.  Jane Buell is making good progress!

This meeting was adjourned at 10:48 a.m. when work on preparing the fundraising mailing took place.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Rosecrans, Acting Secretary