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               2014 Barrie Fleegel Memorial Active Educator Grants

By Mariann Holcomb and Ann Czajkowski

Active educators from eight of the ten CWZ counties applied for Barrie Fleegel Memorial Grants this year.   A special thank you to John Hogan, Carol Lord, Mariann Holcomb, Gene and Ann Czajkowski for their team effort in selecting the grant winners.  Twelve grants for a total of $1400 were awarded to the following recipients:

Allegany                    Andrew D. Bogey       $150                 Bolivar-Richburg CSD

Kelly Dunham              $100                 Belfast CSD

Livingston                 Tom Hammel                $100                Geneseo MS

Monroe                     Linda Baldeck                $100                Rochester City Schools

Philip C .Cobbina         $100                Greece CSD

Lisa Mauger                    $100                Pittsford CSD

Ontario                      Lindsay Carpenter        $150               Geneva City Schools

Marilu Segura                 $100               Geneva High School

Orleans                     Mark Driesel                    $100              Kendall CSD

Steuben                    Lori Anne Krelie             $150              Addison CSD

Wayne                      Katrina Davenport         $150              Newark HS

Yates                         Jane Monnat                    $100              Dundee CSD

A big thank you goes out to all the presenters of certificates at the local levels.  This brings the total of grants awarded over eight years to $13,950.

Donations from individuals and county groups help greatly to support these grants.  One hundred percent of all donations are applied directly to the grants.

The Split Club is the only fundraiser for these grants.  Fifteen winners of $87 each this year were:  David Rausch, MON; Rosa Mance, MON; Jane Crosby, ONT; Nancy Pilaroscia Sigmund, MON; Cindy Baker, ALLEG; Tim Quill, WAY; Phyllis Rigby, ALLEG; John Roy, STUB; Carol Lord, SEN; Kathryn G. Lewis, LIV; Edward Keenan, LIV; Charles Kimball, MON;  Nancy P. Bauder, SEN; Sandra Kushner, WYO and John Baker, ONT.

Thanks to all who support the Barrie Fleegel Memorial Grants for active educators, the CWZ of NYSRTA is becoming known as an active organization of retirees among working educators.  Let’s keep up the great work!