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Central Western Zone Executive Meeting Of The New York State Retired Teachers Association

Thursday, November 7, 2013 Legacy, Victor

President Tim Quill called the meeting to order at 10:00 am, with the pledge and a moment of silence for our service men and women and our ill and departed colleagues. He announced Jane Behnk and Sandy Kushner have agreed to serve as Co-Vice Presidents. A unanimous vote accepted the two volunteers. Richard Kennedy introduced Gerald McGlynn from Alleghany County.

Secretary’s Minutes: Minutes were sent members by e-mail. John Roy made a motion to accept them, and Elaine Leasure seconded the motion. The motion was carried.

Treasurer’s Report: The report showed a balance of $17,054.03 in checking account. Copy of treasurer’s report filed for audit. Copy of treasurer’s report included in packet.

Membership: Chairs absent—Written report included in packet. President Quill forwards monthly membership statistics sent him.

State and Federal Legislation: John Roy and Bill Lesniak have been appointed co-chairs.

Nominations: The need for an assistant treasurer will be addressed.

Friendly Service: Chair Barb Rosencrans thanked veterans Richard Kennedy and Gerald McGlynn for their service to their country. Written report in packet.

Historian: Phyllis Dunlap reported eight counties sent their 2 scrapbook pages to be included in the Zone Scrapbook. She urged all to keep collecting articles. Written report included in packet.

Community Service: Chair Elaine Leasure reported $220 was collected for First Read at the CWZ Annual meeting in September. Counties reported the different projects in which they are involved. Written report included in packet.

Resolutions: Chairs absent. Written report included in packet.

President Quill reported all resolution presented at NYSRTA Convention. The resolution regarding past state presidents of which CWZ was opposed was not represented as 2/3 of the zones vote against it.

Public Relations: Chair Phyllis Dunlap reported articles representing all 10 counties were in York State this past year. Allegheny, Livingston, Ontario and Orleans will requested to write an report for the Spring York State. Written report included In packet.

By-Laws: Chair absent. No report.

Health Care: Chair absent. No report.

Fundraising: President Quill will be formulating the fund raising letter to be sent out in the spring.

Awards: Co-Chairs Jane Behnk and Sandy Kushner will be awarding Epke Megaher Awards for both 2013 and 2014 this year as none were given this year.

Website: Webmaster Bill Lesniak requested counties e-mail him regarding dates of meetings, changes in officers, and anything wish to be on the website.

Bulk Mailing: Doris Whitney stated the bulking mailing would need to done in another post office when the current permit expires the end of June. Jane Crosby volunteered as did Betty Pilato as her assistant to be in charge of bulk mailing. Jane suggested the post office in Phelps. A motion to accept the volunteers and the change of post office to Phelps when bulk mailing permit expires in June was made by Barb Rosencrans and seconded by Julie Wunder. The motion carried..

President’s Report: President Quill spoke to the need for a newsletter chair and an assistant treasurer to complete the roster. The fundraising letter will be ready for the March Meeting. On the state level the usual November meeting was held Friday afternoon at NYSRTA Convention to save monies. By the 2015 Convention it was decided to shorten the convention by a day and have only one keynote speaker. An ad hoc committee has been appointed to look into this idea to see if indeed it will be cost effective. President Quill requested county units to let Jane, Sandy and himself know if there is a specific subject the units would like them to have them discuss at spring and fall meetings.

Unfinished Business: A question was asked if the raffle baskets donated by the county units were needed now that a fundraiser is done. Some units have difficulty funding the baskets or getting donated goods for the baskets. Jane Crosby made the motion the raffle baskets be voluntary and without a dollar amount seconded by Betty Pilato. Motion carried. There is a question about delegate reimbursement to the NYSRTA Convention since the cost has increased. This will be discussed at the March meeting.

Kathy Grandjean , one of the group having taken over the clothing sales since Jane Buell’s illness, reported the monies collected was $2073.05. Need to have $400 for money on hand for ordering merchandise. A motion was made to give the group $500, put $1000 in treasury, and donate $500 and proceeds of sales today to Jane Buell to assist with her therapy costs by Doris Whitney and seconded by Jane Crosby. Motion carried.

Carol Lord, member of Strategic Planning Committee of NYSRTA, reported the committee will be meeting November 18 and 19 to discuss possibilities of dues restructuring. Some ideas being thought about are 1) doing away with life dues (grandfathering in those with life membership now); 2 5 0r 10 years dues with discounted rates; 3 unified dues; 4 husband and wife reduced rate; 5 assess life members after 14 years; 6 lower first year rate; increase present dues to $30 or more. These ideas were discussed.

Next meeting Thursday, March 6, 2013 at Legacy, Victor.

A motion for adjournment was made by John at 11:45 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted

Jane Crosby, Recording Secretary