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                                                    Minutes of CWZ Executive Committee Meeting

                                                            Thursday, May 5, 2016 Legacy, Victor


 Meeting called to order at 10:05 a.m. by Co-President Sandy Kushner.  After reading “I am the Flag of the United States of America”,Frank Berger

 led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  A moment of silence was observed for Tim Quill’s brother, our departed members and the men

 and women of our armed forces. 


Secretary’s Minutes   Copy attached—  Additions to the March 10 minutes a motion to give the Decormier Fund $100 in memory of Doris Whitney and

$100 in memory of Carol Ramsey was made by Pat Cheesman seconded by members was carried.  A motion to accept minutes including the additions

was by Frank Berger and seconded by Pat Cheeseman was carried.


Treasurer’s Report—Betty Pilato Copy attached.  Barb Roscrans moved to file for Audit.  The President’s Appeal has already brought in $4029.

A motion for FriendlyService to reimburse the Treasury the $200 given the DeCormier Fund  in memory of two deceased members was made by

Jane Crosby seconded by Barb Rosecrans passed.  A motion for CWZ memorials to be taken care of by Friendly Service was made by Elaine Leasure

and seconded by PatCheeseman was passed.  Discussion about added expenses for members having to be at the convention (CWZ-hosts).

Decided would again discuss If those expenses should happen.


Membership—Kitty Braddon and Mary Prince Walter– Report attached.  Report sent was effectively a resignation by the Membership Co-Chairs.

Co-presidents asked if anyone present would be interested in position.  Co-Presidents are putting out a handout about NYSTRA membership and

a membership application at Unit meetings. Request that Secretary send a letter of appreciation to Kitty and Mary.  Sue Nellany requested a more

business like letter be sent to superintendents requesting 2016 retirees.


Legislation-Bill Lesniak   Big item on the legislative agenda is the possibility of a Constitutional Convention which is to be voted on

November, 2017. This is not wanted by NYSTRA.  Changes in pension, etc. now in the Constitution could be done.  Bill presented a flow sheet

showing the Convention process.  Also on legislative agenda is the increase of pension for those who retired before 1980 to bring them up to a

living wage. Another issue is the changing of the amount on which the COLA is figured from $18,000 to $20,000—on next year’s agenda.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Nominations-Julie Wunder absent. 


Friendly Service-Barbara Rosecrans— Report attached.


Community Service-Elaine Leasure —Report attached.  Wants Units to send community projects to her.  Elaine asked to be able to collect

for First Book at the Annual Meeting.  Carol Lord made the motion that a collection for First Book be taken at the Annual Meeting, seconded

by Betty Pilato was carried,


Resolutions—John Roy absent.


Bylaws- Sharon White absent.


Health Care- Betty Weber-Worden absent—Will be sending packets to each county. 


Awards-Carol Lord  Announced the winners of the 2016 Barrie Fleegel Memorial Active Educator Grants.  All counties had at least one winner

with the exception of Livingston which did not have any applicants.—a total of 12 recipients—list of names, etc attached to minutes. The

secretary was requested to send Mary Ann and Ann a note of thanks for all their work on this project.


Bulk Mailing—Jane Crosby   New Form to use PS Form3602-NZ—the zip codes 144, 145. 146. 148, and 149 –cost $0.175  Zip code 147 and all other zip

codes—cost $0.192


Website- Bill Lesniak   Requests units send their reservation form for meetings and other items they wish placed on the website. 


Historian- Phyllis Dunlap  Report attached.


Public Relations-Phyllis Dunlap  Report attached.


Vice President  Report – Mary Ellen Morgan—- Annual Meeting set for September 8 at Notre Dame Retreat House.  Program –an author waiting

for confirmation.  Each county is requested to bring a basket for fundraising,


Co-Presidents’ Report—Jane Behnk and Sandy Kushner—Report attached.  Showed cover for Convention booklet.  Yates and Seneca doing

Centerpieces.  John Roy doing baskets—questioned what his theme is.


New Business:  ? a person from CWZ for NYSRTA Certificate of Recognition—need to have been active—unit, zone and state

Bring basket materials to CWZ Executive meeting August 4. 


Meeting adjourned—11:30 a.m.


Respectfully submitted


Jane Crosby, Recording Secretary