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Central Western Zone Executive Meeting Of The New York State Retired Teachers Association

Thursday, November 13, 2014                                           Legacy, Victor

President Tim Quill called the meeting to order at 10:00 am, with the pledge to the Flag and a moment of silence               for our veterans, living and deceased, and our members sick and deceased. .  Introductions of the group were made as were new persons present.

SECRETARY’S MINUTES:  Minutes were sent members by e-mail. Barbara Rosencrans made a motion to accept the minutes, and Elaine Leisure seconded the motion.  The motion was carried.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  The report showed a balance of $23, 269.06 as of November 13, 2014.  Copy of report included in packet. Treasurer’s report filled for audit.   Only two counties are in need of payment for alternate delegate and bulk mailing permit.

MEMBERSHIP:  Co-chair Mary Prince Walter stated at the membership meeting at the Annual Convention personal contact was still the best way of increasing membership.  Three counties, Ontario, Yates and Seneca,  completed the grant application for membership activities.  Ontario was awarded $750, Yates-$600, and  Seneca-$500.  Each county must define how the money was spent, summary of the event and how it was employed, the results.  A time frame for using the monies is needed by NYSRTA.  John Roy made a motion to accept the monies and distribute the monies as awarded to the counties, seconded by Pat Cheesman. Motion was carried.

FEDERAL and STATE LEGISLATION:  Chair Bill Lesniak stated the State Legislative Committee will be meeting soon in Utica.  At that time he will have a better idea of the legislative agenda.  He is still in need of county contacts.

NOMINATIONS:  Chair Julie Wunder    A need for VP for 2016 is needed.  Will start the process for this position.

FRIENDLY SERIVICE:  Chair Barb Rosencrans stated CWZ Friendly Service has received its $200 from both the state and the zone.  She has received a 13 page of 90+ year olds.  Needs a list of shut ins for Albany.

HISTORIAN:  Phyllis Dunlap had a written report.

PUBLIC RELATIONS:  Chair Phyllis Dunlap had a written report.

COMMUNITY SERVICE:  Chair Elaine Leasure attended the Community Service meeting at the Annual Convention.  She stated CWZ is doing a great job.  The contributions for First Book given at CWZ Annual meeting was $250 with another check for $50 for a total of $300.  Elaine read a thank you note from First Book.

RESOLUTIONS:  John Roy, chair, reviewed the resolutions passed at the NYSRTA convention.  Included in minutes.  He stated

BY-LAWS:  No report.  A chair is needed for this position.

HEALTH CARE: Betty Weber Worden, chair, presented a written report.  She requested counties to send her contacts for each county.  She presented each county with a packet of material.

AWARDS:  Vice President Jane Behnk requested counties push for a larger pool of possible recipients for the Awards.

WEBSITE:  Webmaster Bill Lesniak requested units send information such as meetings, newsletters to be placed on website.  Website has been updated. Please try it on AOL to make sure it comes up all right.

BULK MAILING:  Jane Crosby, Bulk Mail Coordinator had written report.

VP”S REPORT:  Jane Behnke and Sandy Kushner reported the Annual Meeting will be Thursday, September 14 or 24 at Notre Dame Retreat House.   A motion was made by Jane Behnke and seconded by John Hogan to hold the Annual Meeting at the Retreat House. Motion passed.  There is a need for a program—please contact the VPs with ideas.

A motion to raise our donation to the DeCormier Fund from $350 to $500 was made by John Roy and seconded by Pat Cheesman.  Motion carried.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: President Quill related the need for a by-laws, awards and newsletter chair.  Dates for CWZ Executive meetings are March 5, May 7, August 6, Annual Meeting-September 17 or 24, and November 12, 2015.   When choosing delegates for the NYSRTA Convention, using a system which has been used in the past, first the executive committee, then county presidents, and then suggested delegates from the county presidents.  President Quill will contact delegates not the county presidents.  Raffle baskets for Convention will be provided by every zone—2 baskets with a $50 value.  The Zone Directory will be a hard copy to be prepared by Wyoming ARC.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS:  An e-mail received by several of the presidents seeking retirees to grade test by Pierson should be dismissed as NYSRTA does not support Pierson.  John Hogan questioned about the place and length of the 2015 NYSRTA Convention.  No answer to this at the present.  Carol Lord announced the Strategic Planning Committee will be meeting Monday, November 17, and Tuesday, November 18.  Membership a big topic to be discussed.

Motion to adjourn made by Carol Lord at 11:30 a.m.

Respectively submitted

Jane Crosby, Recording Secretary



A motion for adjournment was made by John Hogan at 11 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted

Jane Crosby, Recording Secretary