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Minutes of CWZ Executive Committee Meeting

Thursday, November 12, 2015  Legacy, Victor


Meeting called to order at 10:05 a.m. by Co-President Sandy Kushner.  Frank Berger read the poem-We Remember Them.

He then led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

A moment of silence was observed for our departed members and the men and women of our armed forces.

The attendees then introduced themselves.


SECRETARY MINUTES—Jane Crosby   Copy attached—Motion to accept minutes by Pat Cheesman and seconded by Elaine Leasure was carried.


TREASURER’S REPORT—Betty Pilato—Copy attached.  Filed for Audit.  Betty Pilato, Treasurer, will be sending out bills to each of the units—$20 for bulk mailing permit and $30 for the alternate delegate to NYSRTA Convention.  Tim Quill said we should be receiving 1/11 of the proceeds from the baskets raffled at NYSRTA convention.


MEMBERSHIP—Kitty Braddon Absent and Mary Prince Walter– Report attached.  Kitty and Mary wish to step down after 8 years as co-chairs due to personal obligations.  NYSRTA office separated CWZ membership into counties but some are unable to get just their county.  Mary will look into this situation.  A question came up from Sue Nellany re: the state office doing more to contact recent retirees.


LEGISLATION—Bill Lesniak absent.  Report attached.


NOMINATIONS-Julie Wunder   Mary Ellen Morgan, Yates has consented to be vice-president.  A motion to elect Mary Ellen Vice-President was made by Tim Quill and seconded by Elaine Leasure was carried.


FRIENDLY SERVICE-Barbara Rosecrans absent— Report attached.  Wants the name of any new Friendly Service Chair in the various counties.


COMMUNITY SERVICE-Elaine Leasure —Report attached.  Elaine read a letter from First Book thanking CWZ for the $225 donation collected at the Annual Meeting.  CWZ Walkers report was great—raised the most money for charities in the state.  Will continue this project in the spring.  Wants to know of any new Community Service Chairs in the various counties.


RESOLUTIONS—John Roy—State Chair, Doris Kirsch, has resigned. No new chair at present.  John sent a card from the Zone thanking her for her years of service as NYSRTA Resolutions Chair.


BY-LAWS- Sharon White absent.


PUBLICITY-Phyllis Dunlap.  Report attached. Will leave the same rotation for counties reports to York State. York State to be two mailed and two emailed.


HEALTH CARE- Betty Weber-Worden—Report attached.


AWARDS- NO Chair–  Note read from Ontario County recipient, Deborah Wilbur.  Any photographs of Epke-Meagher recipients

or Barry Fleegel Awards please send to Phyllis Dunlap.


BULK MAILING—Jane Crosby   Will be in SC until April 20th.  Can be reached by phone or e-mail.


WEBSITE—Bill Lesniak—absent.  Report attached.  Make sure send Bill new County officers and dates of meetings.


HISTORIAN- Phyllis Dunlap  Report attached


FUNDRAISING—After a brief discussion, a motion to continue with the President’s Appeal was made by Jane Crosby

seconded by Pat Cheesman  was carried


CO-PRESIDENTS’ Report –Sandy Kushner and Jane Behnk-  Joan Irwin volunteered to chair the Epke-Meagher Awards.

Jane Crosby will do annual newsletter.  Discussion of place for Annual Meeting—will again go back to Notre Dame

Retreat House.  Decided if people wish to bring items for raffle at the Executive Meetings—John Roy volunteered for

March Meeting. CWZ is the host for 2016 NYSRTA Convention October 27-29, 2016.  Must have a theme by December.

Are responsible for 5 workshops, a keynote speaker and the raffles.  Need a design denoting theme for cover of convention

Program.  Discussion ensued.  Brainstorming these items was  the assignment during lunch.


Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a. m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Crosby, Recording Secretary